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There is nothing typical about a home inspection. Each home has it's own story and it's our job to find out what that story is. It takes a trained eye to evaluate a properties condition thoroughly. We take pride in consistently satisfying our clientele.

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Dedicated to providing a thorough evaluation so that you can make an informed investment decision. My first priority is to provide a professional and reliable service that you can count on!


Our Services

Home Inspection for Buyers

We conduct an inspection that runs three hours on average and covers every major system of the home. A hard copy report is provided as well as a USB drive with digital images from the inspection.

Home Inspection for Sellers

A thorough Home Inspection is conducted to help the owner determine any areas that may be a stumbling block in the sales process.

Age In Place Inspection

This is an inspection for the homeowner that is considering moving to a retirement facility but would prefer to stay in their own home. This inspection helps find areas that can be altered to make the home easier to live in even into the twilight years.

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